Featured Presentations [精选演讲]

 Featured Presentations

Title Speaker
Overall Status of the ITER Project Prof. Bernard Bigot, Director General, ITER Organization
Engineering Challenges in the MAST Upgrade Project Dr. Joe Milnes
Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, United Kingdom
Status and Progress of JT-60SA Dr. Yukata Kamada
National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Japan
Overview of US ITER Domestic Agency progress Dr. Graeme Murdoch
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S.A.
Progress on the EU DEMO Concept Dr. Gianfranco Federici
EUROFusion, Fusion for Energy, Europe
CFETR- New Design and R& Activities Prof. Yuanxi Wan
University of Science and Technology of China
Non-Fusion Space Projects Dr. Scott Weidner
Princeton University, U.S.A.
Engineering Challenges in W7-X and preparations for OP1.2 Prof. Hans-Stephan Bosch
Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Germany
Progress of Fusion Technology at SWIP toward Reactor Prof. Yong Liu
Southwestern Institute of Physics, China
Status of the IFMIF project Dr. Juan Knaster
IFMIF/EVEDA, Fusion for Energy, Europe and Japan
EAST Technical Progress Prof. Yuntao Song
Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP), China
LHD and its deuterium experiments Prof. Yasuhiko Takeiri
NIFS (director), Japan

Invited Talks

Topic Invitee/ Lead Affiliation
Fusion R&D Progress at INEST Jie Yu INEST
Progress in remote handling Martin Mittwollen (Dr.) KIT
Progress toward IFE in China Xian-Tu He IAPCM Beijing
Recent developments on the TRITON
Belit Garcinuño CIEMAT
Overview of HCPB Research Activities in EUROfusion Francisco Henandez KIT
progress on the Water Cooled Ceramic
Breeder blanket for CFETR
Liu, Songlin CAS
3D Unsteady Model for Be-steam Reaction
in Water Cooled Ceramic Breeder Blanket
Khodak, Andrei PPPL
A novel system for simultaneously
recovering tritium and heat from PbLi
Okino, Fumito Kyoto University
The design of the Water Cooled Breeding
Blanket within the EUROfusion Programme
Del Nevo, Alessandro ENEA
Integration activities of the EU-DCLL in
Fernandez, Ivan CIEMAT
Progress on R&D of SiC flow channel
inserts for DCLL blankets
Katoh, Yutai ORNL
R&D activities on SiC Flow Channel
Soto, Carlota CEIT
Overview of pebble bed studies in
Chen, Hongli USTC
Consolidated design of the low
temperature EU-DCLL
Rapisarda, David CIEMAT
collisional sub-divertor neutral gas
dynamics to integrate vacuum systems and diverter operation
Stelios Varoutis KIT
recent achievements on disruption
Steve Combs ORNL
The Fusion Nuclear Science Facility and
Examination of Liquid Metals for Plasma Facing Components
Chuck Kessel PPPL
The Korean DEMO Keeman Kim NFRI
Chinese DEMO blanket concepts and
progress on the DFLL TBM
Qunying Huang INEST
Experiments with liquid metal as a plasma
facing component in TJ-II
Francisco L. Tabares CIEMAT
Research activities in HIDRA Daniel Andruczyk U. Illinois
Preparation and commissioning for
deuterium experiments on LHD
Masaki Osakabe NIFS
First operation of ECRH on Wendelstein
Torsten Stange IPP
Review of H-1 research Boyd Blackwell ANU
Water cooled module of the W7-X divertor
scraper element
Jean Boscary IPP
DIII-D divertor transport of isotopically
pure tungsten
Tyler Abrams GA
Virtual Engineering of a fusion reactor:
application to divertor design, manufacture and testing
Tom Barrett CCFE
MAST Upgrade Divertor Facility: A test
bed for novel divertor solutions
William Morris CCFE
W7-X scraper element physics Jeremy Lore ORNL
recent advancements in liquid metal
Bob Kaita PPPL
Status on design and construction of the
ITER buildings and plant systems
Ingo Kuehn ITER
The preparation of the ITER Tokamak
assembly and tooling
Jens Reich ITER
The Manufacture of the ITER Vacuum Vessel Chang-Ho Choi ITER
Status of the ITER cooling water system
Giovanni Dell Orco ITER
The ITER power supply network Ivone Benfatto ITER
ITER Toroidal Field Conductor
Nikolai Martovetsky LLNL
Overview of ITER Central Solenoid
Manufacturing Facility
John Smith GA
Thermal and Structural Analysis of ITER
Central Solenoid Module
Kevin Freudenberg ORNL
Building a Virtual Tokamak – Integrated
Multi-Physics Modelling for Fusion Engineering
Matti Coleman CCFE
Overview of U.S. Fusion Technology
Phil Ferguson ORNL
Integrating Materials Engineering and
Design for Fusion
Mike Gorley CCFE
 Integrating Materials Engineering and
Design for Fusion
Steve Zinkle ORNL
Lithium plasma-facing componets Yoshihiro Hirooka NIFS (Japan)
High heat flux testing activities in
India related to ITER
Samir Khirwadkar IPR (India)
Plasma-material interaction studes in
J S (Jiansheng) Hu IPP (China)
SOL Physics and materials studies in
Suk Ho Hong NFRI (Korea)
Tungsten component behavior under very
high heat loads
Leonid Khimchenko ITER Russia
Plasma control for EAST long pulse
non-inductive H-mode operation in quasi snowflake shape
Bingjia Xiao ASIPP
Commissioning of the W7-X in vessel
control coils
Mr. Frank Füllenbach IPP, Germany
Control Systems for HCD Stefan Simrock IO
PRIMA status Vanni Toigo RFX
Real time EC control Matthias Reich IPP
Real time variation of beam energy on
Tim Scoville GA
Conceptual Design of a Steady State ECH
Launcher for KSTAR
Robert Ellis PPPL
NSTX-U Progress Overview Rajesh Maingi PPPL
Instrumentation for tritium and breeder
Pattrick Calderoni INL
overview on EU activities in the area of
tritium extraction
Marco Utili ENEA