Presenter and Author Instructions [演讲者和作者说明]

Instructions for Authors

Presenter Instructions: At the conference

Oral presenters: Visit the conference IT desk at least one session before your talk to load your presentation files (in PDF and, if desired, in PPT) onto the conference computer network. Please note:

  • The appropriate aspect ratio for SOFE slides is 4:3
  • Presentations will only be displayed from the conference network.  Speakers will not be allowed to load presentations during a session, or to connect their own laptop, memory stick, etc.

The Publications Desk at the conference will be located in the VIP Room, adjacent to the Grand Ballroom.

Filename format: Session number_Your Family Name.pdf (and ppt(x) if desired)

Due to the crowded schedule, session chairs will strictly enforce time limits: Oral (invited and contributed): 20 minutes, including 3 minutes Q&A; Plenary: 40 minutes, including 5 minutes Q&A.

Poster presenters: Poster dimensions 1.2m x 0.96m (height x width), i.e. portrait orientation. Visit the conference IT desk at any time in the Conference but no later than the last day of the conference to load your poster file (in PDF) onto the conference computer network.

Filename format: Session number_Your Family Name.pdf

You may also submit poster contributions (PDF only) in advance of the Conference by email to: Use the subject line: SOFE Presentation.

Please follow the file naming rule above.

In summary, the instructions to presenters are:

  • You must submit a PDF file of your presentation material (slides or poster) by the last day of the conference, 8 June 2017.
  • You may submit a manuscript of your work for publication in a Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (TPS). Closing date for submission is 8th June 2017. Acceptance for publication will depend on successful peer review and final decision by the Guest Editor. (See below for manuscript instructions).
  • If you choose to submit to TPS, you must agree to peer review at least two papers.

Presenter Instructions: Detailed Information

There are two ways in which your contribution to SOFE will be recorded – your contribution to the conference i.e. oral presentation or poster, and an optional peer reviewed manuscript submitted to IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science to be published in April 2018. Below you will find instructions for both types of contribution. Please read carefully and follow them to assist the conference and publication team in processing your contribution.

  1. All contributions to the conference (oral and poster)

All contributions to the conference will be collated and made available for registered participants to download via a password protected website after the conference.

Note that only PDF format will be accepted for the download files. Please keep in mind that Powerpoint animations do not translate into PDF, so contributors of oral presentations should ensure that a PDF legible version is provided to the Conference IT desk for the download file.

  1. Manuscripts contributed to IEEE Transactions in Plasma Science SOFE-2017 Special Issue

To be eligible for publication in the SOFE-2017 Special Issue, the work must be presented at the conference, whether in oral or poster form, by the author or a knowledgeable co-author. In addition, the author must agree to serve as a reviewer for other manuscripts submitted to the Special Issue.

A special template for manuscripts is provided here:

Use the link: (use the first option.)

PDF: ieee_tj_template_17

MS Word:  ieee_tj_template_17

There is no strict page limit but reviewers will be asked to consider the value of content for manuscripts over 8 pages.

Submission is via the IEEE/NPSS Transactions in Plasma Science website: is the submission portal

You will need to open a ScholarOne account if you do not already have one.

In the manuscript submissions page select “Special Edition – SOFE conference” from the drop down list.

Please follow the instructions for submission. Note you must complete a copyright form for your manuscript to be published.

**The TPS submission deadline has been extended to 30th June at 23:59 EDT.**

  1. Reviewing Process

The publications editor (or deputy editor) will assign to you up to 2 manuscripts to review. Agreeing to and performing the review of manuscripts is a condition of eligibility for publication of your manuscript in the IEEE Transactions in Plasma Science SOFE-2017 Special Issue.

The review process will be conducted through ScholarOne so please ensure that email notification from IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science do not go into your spambox.

The peer review process is an essential part of publication and we ask for your cooperation in returning a timely and thoughtful review.

  1. Questions

Outside of conference please direct questions to The Publications Chair, Elizabeth Surrey

During the Conference please visit the Publications Office for assistance.

Publication and Author Instructions